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Green Ginger is a family-owned restaurant in Peachtree & Decatur. We serve a variety of dishes from different cuisines: Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. Green Ginger is home to serve the Best Sushi & Best Asian Cuisine voted in Fayette County's Lifestyle Magazine in 2016!

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200 Market Place Connector,
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Phone: 770.487.9982

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Appetizer Sampler                                                                10.25

Choice of any 3: basil roll, crab rangoon, crispy calamari, edamame, kimchi chicken, mozzarella cheese, pork gyoza, spring roll

Basil Roll (2)                                                                              5.25

Steamed shrimp, beansprouts, rice vermicelli, and basil rolled in clear rice sheet, served with plum sauce

Baked Scallops                                                                       8.25

Diced jumbo scallops, shiitake mushrooms, masago, scallions, and Japanese mayo baked in half of a scallop shell

Buffalo Wings (6)                                                                   6.25

Chicken Lettuce Wrap                                                        8.75

Wok-seared ground chicken, basil and water chestnuts topped with crispy rice noodles. Served with Romaine lettuce and plum sauce

Crab Rangoon (6)                                                                  5.25

Cream cheese and crab meat hand-folded in wonton sheets, served with sweet & sour sauce

Crispy Calamari                                                                     7.75

Served with spicy mayonnaise

Edamame                                                                                  4.75

Steamed soy pods with a sprinkle of salt

Hawaii Salmon                                                                        8.25

Fresh salmon, avocado, mango, cashew nuts and cilantro tossed in honey garlic vinaigrette

Kimchi Cabbage                                                                     3.25

Popular Korean dish. Seasoned napa cabbage with chili spice

Kimchi Chicken                                                                       5.75

Fried chicken breast seasoned in spicy kimchi base, served with spicy mayonnaise‍‍‍‍‍‍

Mozzarella Cheese (6)                                         ‍‍‍‍‍‍      4.25

Pork Gyoza (6)                                                                5.75

Pan-fried pork dumplings served with soy ginger sauce

Pork Belly Bun (2)                                                           7

Marinated pork belly slowly cooked to perfection with cucumber, cilantro, yum yum sauce and home-made hoisin sauce. Served in a steam bun

Sashimi Appetizer (6)                                                  10.5

6 pcs. of chef's choice

Shrimp Tempura Appetizer (3)                                7.75

Jumbo Rock Shrimp (5)                                               7.25

Lightly breaded fried jumbo shrimp topped with spicy sweet miso sauce on a bed of spring mix salad

Spicy Tuna Tartar                                                          13.75

Freshly cut spicy tuna layered with avocado, crunch and shredded fried sweet potato in chef's special ponzu sauce. Served with a side of seasoned jalapenos

Spring Roll (3)                                                                   4.5

Deep-fried vegetable spring rolls served with soy ginger sauce

Stuffed Jalapeno (2)                                                       6

Toasted spicy fish mix stuffed in jalapenos, topped with seven spices, spicy mayo and eel sauce

Sushi Appetizer (6)                                                         10.5

6 pcs. chef's choice

Tuna Tatake                                                                         12

Tuna and cucumber served in ponzu sauce

Vegetable Tempura                                                         6

Yellowtail Jalapeno                                                           11

Yellowtail and jalapenos served in yuzu sauce


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